Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dog Sledding Paradise - March 22-29

Ola and Gunilla Lindgren with their nine siberian huskies came again to spend the last week of March at Nordic Husky Farm.
We all had great time - training of 4 teams every day, puppy walks, evening talks after dinner, disucssing races, training, breeding.

We also tested that two stakeouts of two different mushers can comfortably fit on our parking area infront of the house and everyone could train their dogs per their own schedulle, without interfering with the others.
Our tie-out area in the dog yard fit well the needs of several teams, which can hook up from our dog yard, all at the same time.

The week felt almost like a boot camp - we discussed equipment, sleds, types of harnesses, we had a little demo of massaging and bandaging doggy feet, and we also did some head-on passing of three teams.

You can read Ola´s account of their holiday at Nordic Husky Farm (in Swedish language) at his website.
Also check out some of the pictures in his gallery:
Many nice mushing pictures can be also found at Alexandra Wiedmayer´s photo gallery. Alexandra with her husband Torsten from Germany, their four siberian huskies and now also son Malte (who came for his Easter vacation and immeditely found his favourite dog -Cooper (the Mal) :)) are staying at Nordic Husky Farm since the middle of March, until the end of April.
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