Monday, September 15, 2008

Half Day Tour to Lakavattnet - September 4, 2008

Beautiful weather, just perfect for this easy walking tour in the foothills of mountains, in Hotagen's Nature Reserve.

Four humans and two canines set on an easy hike on the trails of Lakavattnet, with another goal in mind, than just walking: another blueberry attack! :)

The blueberry crops were so huge this year, and the size of the berries was just monsterously scary!

Hopefully the blueberries will be as large and plentiful in 2009, as we would like to invite you to come join us in picking, walking through the nordic woods and enjoy the company of the friendly huskies! To book one of our tours, click here.

View much more pictures from this half day tour:

Katerina & Team

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blueberry Attack - August 24, 2008

Gina and Stewart, Kim, Pluto, Jachym and I, equipped with large jogurt containers, hit our forrest trail and attacked the blueberry crops :)
While Pluto was having fun peeing, sniffing and laying around blueberries, the human part of the group picked this year´s first sweet and plantiful cloud and blueberries.

We took a nice hike down to the Lillsjön lake (Little Lake) and our favourite swamp, to pick and take pictures of the rare and unusual cloudberries, as well as the cotton grass, and enjoy the beautiful nature in this favourite spot.
We found out that the cranberries are already turning red at the most sunny spots and took some photos of full blooming beautiful heather.

The easy and scenic 3km walk was greatly appreshiated by the big husky, who pulled Kim with a big smile on his handsome face.

Back at the farm, Jachym made pancakes with blueberry and quark filling and we drank tea at the open fire.
We had fun, shared stories and jokes and played around with puppy names for our expected "H" litter.
It was very nice meeting everyone and we hope to see you come back to Sweden, guys!

Katerina and Team

Visitors from England - August 12,2008

Today we hosted our friend Kim and Claire with Tom from Lancaster, England.

As all were tired from a long hiking in the mountains, surprised by sudden rain, we made a bonfire to warm everybody up, cooked dinner and served hot tea.

After a visit with our huskies and nice long chat by the warm flames, souvenir shopping in our mini gift shop and signing the guestbook, it was time to say good bye.

Wishing Tom and Claire a saffe journey back home.

Katerina and Team