Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A little sightseeing trip to Strömsund

A closer look at our county town of Strömsund (population ca 2.500). This small town has it´s charming places, great pizza and some cool history - a pleasant way how to spend a few hours or an afternoon.

Our guests and visitors can experience the same as we did, when we took a short sight-seeing "tour" with one of our huskies - Krtek:
Entrace to the outside museum with old buildings from Stroms-Vattudal area

At the water fontain park infront of Strömsund´s beautiful church

Taking a walk around the church gardens and cemetary

The area´s historical buildings - log houses and cabins at the homestead museum

The giant "Jorm" - a character from famous Swedish movie for children "Dunderklumpen". The story was written by Beppe Wolger, Strömsund´s favourite, who lived and composed at the Öhn village on Stömsund´s island. Beppe is known worldwide not just for his stunning stories, that were filmed, but also for acting in the movie "Pippi Longsock" as Pippi´s father.

Jachym and Krtek posing infront of the bridge and fontain.

This year the water in Vattudalen is quite low, so the dock and beach are quite visible.

Krtek enjoyed the walk thoroughfully.


Katerina and Team

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

250 Years of the Bonässet village - aka Look into Jämtland´s Traditions and History (August 9,2008)

Although we did not after all take our husky team to the 250 years aniversary celebration of the Bonässet village (, due to dificulties with finding safe place at the location to give rides to children, we decided to go there as visitors and take a closer look inside the tiny community´s ordinary and traditional celebrations.
We did not regret a single minute spent at the lovely place, set up right on the banks of Vattudalen lake.

Around 200 people that live in the communities spread around the banks of Vattudalen, as well as people from the county town of Stromsund came to listen to the speaches about history and evolution of Bonässet. It was very interesting to learn and imagine the steam boats comming here from Stromsund in the 30´s, the big farms and even the ice skating competition, which later became quite known.
Looking at the gallery, set up in one of Bonässet´s historical buildings, with a museum like display of furniture and old and new photographs of families that lived and still live in and around the village, taking a walk along the shore and among the fields, visiting another old farm house with a display of local art (paintings, etc.), made us realize how important the connection for all the people in this area really is. The history and today ties these people together and meeting them later at the delicious traditional dinner and a bit later even a dance, we learned a lot about our "neighbours". How proud the farmers really are about where and how they live and the obvious togetherness made us feel we really are becomming part of this comunity and we realized even more that we are starting to feel real home here.
We had one of our huskies - Krtek with us and she made friends with quite 10 weeks old Finnish Spetz puppy Kirja.
Small folk concert with Jämtland´s beautiful traditional music
Jachym and Krtek having a good time after having home baked pies and coffee.
The exhibition of the best hunting trophies past and present and the charming lights at the log barn in the night, when the dance started, were the best topping of the celebrations.
A live band formed from locals, called the "Bonasset Orchestra" was perfect. We learned a lot about Jämtland´s traditional folk music and dances, which are, by the way wonderful to listen to and watch.

There was also a bit of big beat, rock, jazz and country to satisfy everyone´s taste and teenage Manuel´s saxsofon play was definitly a highlight!

At night, a boat landed at the shore with more people joining the celebrations and one could see the lights of Aspnas, village on the other shore, so close to reach, yet couple hours to get to by car. Very charming.
All and all, a wonderful way how to spend not just a day, but for learning a bit more about the culture and history of Sweden´s North and it´s countryside, and a little journey to the local people´s hearts. Definitly a great way how to see the real life of the ordinary people in the North.
Thank you to all who worked hard on the wonderful program and made Bonasset´s history come live again! We are proud to be living in this area!
More great photos can be seen at:
Katerina and Team