Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Says Autumn Isn' t Time for Holidays?

There is so much one can do and enjoy during September and October, even in the North!
Hiking is an especially extraordinary experience, when you can watch the colorful palet of nature, as it's getting ready for the winter sleep.
All the creatures, small and large, are in rush and you can watch them hurry with gathering food stocks for the long period of cold. Squirells stock up their nests, foxes hunt as much mice as they can to gain some weight, bear tracks zig zag the forrest trails as they search for the most suitable, protected and comfy dens for their long winter sleep. Moose roam the area in search for partners and hundreds of birds cruise the skyes on their way south.

Absorbing the last warm sun rays while sitting on raindeer skins around the fire, sipping freshly cooked coffee, playing with puppies and of course - training the huskies for the tough winter competitions.

When your finger tips get cold and your chins turn red from the wind and spending whole day out, you enjoy the warmth of the fire place and a home baked pie, while reading a book in the cozy living room of the farm.

If you love nature and animals, and would like to get an insight of how the training of athletic sled dogs looks like, and would like to be a part of it, then you should look into booking a day, weekend or even a whole week at Nordic Husky Farm.